The rolling bearing analysis according ISO/TS 16281 is assuming rigid races. This is an appropriate approximation if the bearings is mounted on a shaft and surrounded by a stiff housing. In case of a track roller the external load is acting directly on the outer ring which is therefore deformed.

The elastic deformation affects the load distribution in the rolling bearing, which leads to a different hertzian stress and life. In bearing catalogues for track rollers often reduced effective load capacities are provided for this reason. In addition to hertzian stress or life also the bending stress in the outer ring can be critical in track rollers.

Supports for planetary gears with a thin rim are loaded similar to track rollers. There are two loadings deforming the gear body and therefore the load distribution in the rolling bearing.

An extension to MESYS rolling bearing calculation according ISO/TS 16281 for track rollers is now available. The outer ring geometry and the loading on one or more locations can be provided by the user. Deformations and stresses in the outer ring are calculated and shown graphically. The load distribution and the life of the bearing are then calculated with this deformations. Optionally the reduced effective load capacities and the permissible radial load for the outer ring can be calculated.

Further details are available on the website, on a flyer or in the dokumentation.