MESYS offers calculation software for design of machine elements. In addition to own products for shaft and bearing calculation also further programs for machine design from other manufacturers are provided.

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MESYS Rolling bearing analysis

  • Load distribution.
  • Life According to ISO / TS 16281.
  • Influence of clearance, tilting angle, centrifugal forces, load spectra.
  • Track rollers with elastic outer ring.
  • Parameter variations.
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MESYS Rolling Bearing Calculation

MESYS Shaft calculation

  • With integrated bearing analysis and nonlinear bearing stiffness.
  • Strength according to DIN 743.
  • Natural frequencies.
  • Coaxial shafts.
  • Load spectra.
  • Parameter variations.
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MESYS Shaft Calculation

MESYS Shaft systems

  • Coupling of shafts by gear pairs.
  • Data exchange with gear calculations.
  • Calculation of rotational speeds.
  • Natural frequencies at system level.
  • Load spectra and gear shifts.
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MESYS Shaft Systems Calculation

MESYS Axial-radial cylindrical roller bearings

  • FEM-based calculation for slewing rings.
  • Consideration of the ring deformations.
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MESYS Axial-radial cylindrical roller bearings

MESYS Ball screw calculation

  • Calculation of the load distribution in ball screws under axial and radial loading as well as tilting moments.
  • Calculation of life analogous to ISO/TS 16281.
  • Load spectra and parameter variations.
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MESYS Ball Screw Calculation

eAssistant calculations for maschine elements

The web based eAssistant from GWJ Technology allows calculations for machine elements based on DIN or ISO standards.  Calculations for gears, shafts, shaft-hub-connections, springs and further elements are available. Additional information is available here, a registration for a test version can be found here.

Gear Engineer

The GearEngineer from GWJ Technology allows the generation of exact 3D geometry  for helical and bevel gears. In addition a geometry and strength calculation and a no load TCA is available.

Gear Production Suite

The Gear Production Suite from Dontyne Systems allows sizing and rating of cylindrical gears and worm gears. In addition to geometry and strength calculation also a load analysis (TCA) is available.

Free online calculations

Several free online calculations are available. In the beginning the calculation of Hertzian stress for point and line contact, the calculation of load distribution and stiffness of a deep groove ball bearing, the geometry of a cylindrical gear and a calculator of fits according ISO 286 are available. (read more)