The web based eAssistant from GWJ Technology allows calculations for machine elements based on DIN/ISO standards. The following calculations are available:

  • Shaft calculation including strength according DIN 743
  • Cylindrical gears with strength calculation according to DIN 3990, ISO 6336 and AGMA 2101 with configurations gear pair and planetary gear stage
  • Bevel gears (straight, helical or spiral) with strength calculation according ISO 10300
  • Rolling bearing life according DIN ISO 281 including database of manufacturers SKF, NSK, SNR and KOYO
  • Interference fit according DIN 7190 including influence of temperature and centrifugal loads
  • Keyways according DIN 6892
  • Splines according DIN 5480 and strength according Niemann
  • Timing belts with an arbitrary number of pulleys and tensioners
  • Compression springs according DIN EN 13906-1
  • Tension springs according DIN EN 13906-2
  • Bolt calculation according VDI 2230

The calculation for helical gears can be called by MESYS Shaft Calculation. This allows the calculation of a shaft system coupled by gear pairs.

A description of calculation possibilities is available in the manual. You can register for a free test version with 5h time account.

Pricing for the eAssistant is dependent on usage. There are both time limited accounts or flat rate accounts available:

Account type EUR CHF
Time limited account 10h 340 365
Time limited account 30h 830 895
Time limited account 50h 1200 1290
Time limited account 100h 1920 2070
Flat rate account 1 month 200 220
Flat rate account 6 month 660 720
Flat rate account 12 month 1190 1290