Some free online calculations are provided on the MESYS website.

The calculation of Contact Stress is available for point and line contact. It is done according to Boresi ‘Advanced Mechanics of Materials’ and returns the pressure, the maximal shear stress and the stress distribution below the surface. In addition the results for orthogonal shear stresses are shown including a diagram over the position along the minor axis.

The load distribution and the reference life of a Deep groove ball bearing can be calculated according to ISO/TS 16281. The load is applied as a force on the outer ring of the bearing. In addition a tilting moment or a tilting angle can be specified. The inner geometry of the bearing can be approximated, if not available. The results have to be considered with care in this case, but tendencies should be visible.

The geometry of a fit with deviations according to ISO 286 (2010) is calculated. All 20 tolerance grades are available.

Stresses and displacements for a multi-layered interference fit can be calculated considering thermal expansions and centrifugal forces.

The main parameters for gear geometry can be calculated according ISO 21771. The results are the main diameters and also test dimensions like dimensions over balls or the base tangent length (span). For external gears, the tooth form is shown as well.

For external spur gears, tooth root stresses can be calculated using plane-strain FEA.