From the basics to the system approach for machine design engineers

On May 22-23, we will hold a workshop for machine design engineers to master from the foundation to the latest ISO / TS 16281 system approach adopted by MESYS Software.

Day 1 Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Day 2 Thursday, May 23, 2019
Place TKP Hamamatsucho Conference Center 4F , Hamamatsu-cho Minato-ku, Tokyo
Participation fee 70,000 yen / person (2 days course)

The contents is:

  • Calculation of bearing life according ISO 281 and ISO/TS 16281
    • Calculation basics
    • Main differences between the methods
    • Load capacities
  • Calculation of load distribution in the bearing
    • Influence factors, bearing clearance, elastic expansion
  • Calculation using load spectra
  • Required hardness depth for large bearings
  • Possibilities for parameter variations in the bearing calculation
  • Ball bearings
    • Spin-to-roll-ratio, ball advance
    • Clearance at four-point-bearings
    • Influence of centrifugal forces and gyroscopic moments
  • Roller bearings
    • Influence of roller profiles
    • Extended calculation of pressure distribution
  • Interaction between shaft and bearing calculation
    • Natural frequencies, bearing stiffness
    • Combinations of spindle bearings
    • Systems of several shafts
  • Definition of shaft systems
  • Positioning of shafts
  • Load spectra, variation of power flow, planetary gear stages
  • Possibilities to define bearing pretension
  • Parameter variations in the shaft calculation
  • Consideration of housing stiffness and 3D-elastic parts
  • Modal analysis