The MESYS Rolling bearing calculation allows the calculation of bearing load distribution and bearing life according ISO/TS 16281. It is available as standalone application or integrated in a shaft system calculation with additional possibilities like modal analysis, shaft strength calculation according DIN 743 or coupling to gear calculation programs.

New features and changes in functionality, as well as extra output/input values have been added for the release 08/2014. Spanish language is now selectable for both software and report. Furthermore, an editable report template has been included, and new options and report formats like “DOCX”, “DOC” and “ODT” can be enabled.

Main changes in the Rolling bearing calculation are:

  • New bearings types like Axial spherical roller bearing, Barrel roller bearing and Double row axial angular contact bearing are now also supported.
  • Result data can be exported in table formats like , “XLSX”, “XLS” or “CSV”.
  • Load distribution 3D, including contact ellipse or line load for rolling bearings.
  • Exportable load spectrum data.
  • Load rating diagram.

Main changes in the Shaft calculation are:

  • Worm and worm gear as force elements, and worm gear connections for shaft systems.
  • Temperature gradient within the shaft.
  • Tooth flank modification for optimum gear contact.
  • Coupled housing stiffness matrix.
  • Simultaneous representation of each mode shape in modal analysis available in 2D, and also 3D animation.

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