The MESYS Rolling Bearing Calculation is now integrated into version 4.0 of MADYN 2000 rotor dynamic software of Delta-JS AG.

MADYN 2000 is an extensive rotordynamic program, which is suited for general rotor-gear-bearing systems for lateral, torsional and coupled analyses with all types of bearings including magnetic bearings.

The program is based on extensive industrial experience since 1983. It covers the needs of a wide range of rotors: From small automotive turbochargers to large shaft trains for power generation with a power of several hundred to thousand MW. The magnetic bearing module in MADYN 2000 goes back to a development in 1998, which has been launched to meet the demands of industrial magnetic bearing applications.

MADYN 2000 now uses MESYS Rolling Bearing Calculation for calculation of nonlinear stiffness of rolling bearings and input of rolling bearing geometry.