A new version of MESYS Shaft– and Rolling bearing calculation is available. A main extension is the possibility of automatic parameter variations.

Using a range for selected parameters their influence on results can be inspected. For example the influence of clearance on life or of loading on stiffness can be evaluated. Results are available as tables and graphics and can be printed as PDF-report.

Instead providing ranges for parameters variants can also be imported from a csv-file. Results can be exported into a csv-file too.

The calculation for track rollers with elastic outer ring now also supports double row angular contact ball bearings and double row cylindrical roller bearings. Previously they had to be defined using bearing configurations.

As new bearing type double row cylindrical roller bearings are supported. So now 15 bearing types can be selected. Additional types will be added in the future.

For ball bearings the wear parameters PV and QV are calculated and reported. The calculation of sliding velocites is based on the assumption of coulomb friction.

You can find the current version at Downloads. Ask for a test version for full access.