Version 1.4 of rolling bearing analysis software according ISO/TS 16281 is available. Extensions are

  • New bearing types: one and double row spherical ball bearing and double row angular contact bearings
  • Conversion between axial- and radial clearance
  • Software is also available in German now. Language change under menu Extras.
  • The separate report for tolerances under ‘Report’ is extended with the final clearance (axial and radial)
  • The results overview is using more columns if space is available
  • The distance between rolling elements is shown in the report and results overview
  • The effective axial and radial clearance is shown in the report and optionally in the results overview
  • A diagram ‘displacement over load’ and ‘rotation over load’ is giving information about load dependency of displacements
  • You can replace the MESYS-logo on top of the report. Copy a ‘logo.png’ into the installation directory to replace the logo. You have to select the size of the logo so that it fits into the header table of the report.

The updated documentation and a demo version is available at downloads.