Shaft systems

The MESYS Shaft Calculation can be extended to shaft systems. This allows the calculation for whole gearboxes considering gears, shafts and bearings.

The shaft system calculation allows:

  • Calculation of shaft systems like gearboxes
  • Calculation of planetary gear sets
  • Connection of shafts by gear pairs (helical, bevel or worm gears)
  • Connection of shafts by belts
  • Calculation of rotation speeds
  • Calculation of load distribution using a coupled FEA beam model
  • Interface to programs for gear design:
  • Graphics for line load over the width if gears
  • Definition of load spectra on system level
  • Configurations to support variants in power flow
  • Natural frequencies and critical speeds on system level coupled be gear pairs
  • Display of mode shapes on system level, 3D animated
  • 3D-elastic housings and planet carriers
  • 3D-elastic parts with consideration of deformations of bearing rings and gear bodies for cylindrical gears
  • REXS-Import/Export for data exchange with other programs
  • All features from the basic shaft and bearing calculation as bearing life according ISO/TS 16281 and shaft strength according DIN 743

Find here some template files for calculation examples, a short description of them, and a full report example.