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MESYS Calculation Software

As default only the elasticity of the contact between rolling element and race is considered. If for example an angular contact bearing with clearance between outer ring and housing is under axial pretension, the outer ring can expand radially. This will reduce the pretension.

In the current version two options for consideration of elastic expansion of bearing rings are available. Both options are based on the assumption of a thick-walled ring as in the calculation of interference fits.

Either the minimal or the mean radial force in the load distribution is converted into a constant radial pressure which is then taken into account as in a calculation for interference fits. When the gap between ring and shaft/housing is closed there will be no further effect. This calculation approach is only valid if the variation of radial forces is small. So the axial load should normally be larger than the radial load.

The ring diameter is taken as Dpw±Dw, so a stiffening effect of shoulders is not taken into account. An additional factor for the ring stiffness can be defined using the all_img3-button behind the selection box.

The remaining gap widths is shown in the report.