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MESYS Calculation Software

Different types of ball and roller bearings can be calculated using the software. In addition to the calculation of a single bearing, a configuration of several rows can be defined using “Bearing configuration”.



By using the all_img3-button behind the bearing type, some options for the selected bearing type can be defined. For all bearings, it can be selected that inner ring and shaft or outer ring and housing are identical. This affects the material input and the input of tolerances.

The option “Calculate load capacity for hybrid bearings” will use (ISO/DIS 20056-1, 2016) and (ISO/DIS 20056-2, 2017) for the calculation of load capacities which leads to increased static load capacity.

For ball bearings, a limit for the conformity used in calculation of load capacity can be defined. The load capacity is calculated by the maximum value of the given limit and the actual geometry input.

In the current version, the following bearing types are supported: