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MESYS Calculation Software



Deep groove radial ball bearings are cheap standard bearings. Both radial and axial loads can be transmitted. The nominal contact angle is 0° which will increase under axial load depending on the radial clearance in the bearing. The free contact angle α0 is shown in report and result overview.

The geometry is described with number and diameter of balls, pitch diameter, conformity of inner and outer race and the diametral clearance. The number of balls in the bearing is restricted, to be able to assemble the bearing.

The conformity is the input parameter defining the radius of the races. (ri = fi*Dw, re = fe*De)

Usually the conformity is fi = fe = 0.52  for deep groove radial ball bearings.

The diametral clearance is defined as Pd = de- di -2*Dw.


The all_img3-button behind the bearing selection also offers some other settings depending on the bearing type. For deep groove radial ball bearings, it can be selected if a “filling slot” bearings is used which influences the calculation of the load capacity with factor bm in (ISO 281, 2007).

The permissible ellipsis length ratio controls the warning about cut off of contact ellipsis. A value below 100% would allow some amount of cut off, a value larger 100% adds an additional distance. This permissible value is used for the calculation of permissible axial load limit given in the report too.