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MESYS Calculation Software

The bearing life calculation usually only takes into account fatigue life of the bearing races.

Life for rolling elements can optionally be calculated. The rolling element life is calculated analogous to (ISO/TS 16281, 2008) like described by (Correns, 2015). For the combination of life for single rolling elements to the life of the rolling element set, two options for the Weibull exponent can be considered, either e=10/9 for ball bearings and e=9/8 for roller bearings as in (ISO/TS 16281, 2008) and ( ISO/TR 1281-1, 2008), or e=1.5 as in (ISO/TR 1281-2, 2008) section 4.2.1 for the reliability factor a1. This is different to (Correns, 2015) where an exponent of e=10/3 for ball bearings and e=9/2 for roller bearings is used without giving a reason for these exponents.

If this option is activated, the usual bearing life is not changed just the life of the rolling element set L10r_RESet is calculated in addition.