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System options in the system tree

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Several options are available in the system tree under "Shafts" and "Bearings" using the context menu.

The context menu under "Shafts" provides following options:optionsInSystemTree

"Add shaft" adds a shaft to the system.If groups are used shafts can only be added to groups.

"Add group" adds a group to the systems.

"Add coaxial group" adds a coaxial groups. The difference between coaxial groups and groups is, that coaxial groups only have an axial position and support elements can be used between shafts in different coaxial groups.

"Add planetary group" adds a planetary group. A planetary group rotates about a carrier shafts and a number of planets can be defined on the group. All elements are generated "number of planets" times.

"Add elastic part as housing" adds a 3D-elastic part as housing. This part does not rotate. See 3D elastic part as housing for details.

"Add elastic part as shaft" adds a 3D-elastic part as shaft. This part can rotate and it can also be a planet carrier. See 3D elastic part as shaft for details.

"Import shaft system" allows to import an existing shaft system. Either a file of a MESYS shaft calculation can be selected of a file in REXS format.

"Export shaft system" allows the export of the system in REXS format. This format allows the data exchange with other CAE software.

"Export geometry" exports the system as STEP file. Only a simplified geometry is used for gears and bearings. The export could be used to check it it would fit into a housing for example.

"Sort groups and shafts" sorts shafts and groups alphabetically. Initially the elements are sorted in creation order.

"Add system" generated a cylindrical gearbox or a planetary gearbox.

The context menu under "Bearings" allows to activate or deactivate settings for all bearing calculations at the same time: