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MESYS Calculation Software

For 3D graphic windows of the software, there are different buttons for the view manipulation in 3D, such as the zoom-in, zoom-out and fit-to-window functions and also it is possible to select the point of view from different planes. The 3D-model can be dragged with the mouse by holding down Shift-key as well as zoomed in and out by holding down the Ctrl-key. A 3D-mouse is supported in 3D-graphics. Animated 3D-graphics can be saved as video in case a path to ffmpeg is provided in mesys.ini.


"Save graphics as..." will save the image in a graphics format like PNG. "Export graphic as..." only supported STL for standard graphics, but for graphics generated from submenu CAD also an export as STEP is available.

"Copy" will copy the image to the clipboard, so it can be pasted in other programs.

Activating "Freeze content" will suppress updated of the view on new runs of the calculations. This can be used for comparisons.

The selection "Animated" will rotate the view around the vertical axis.