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Graphics 2D and Diagrams

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For 2D graphics and diagrams several options are available in the context menu.


All graphics can be printed or exported in different graphic formats like PNG or JPEG using the context menu (right mouse button) in the graphic window. For the export the size of the graphic can be specified. The option "Copy" copies the image to the clipboard, so it can be pasted into other applications. Selecting "Freeze content" suppresses updates of the graphic on further runs of the calculation, this allows a comparison  of graphics between calculations with different input data.

For diagrams "Save diagram data as...", "Copy from diagram" and "Diagram options" are available in addition. "Save diagram data as..." allows to save the numeric values for the diagrams in CSV or XLS formats. Using "Copy from diagram" curves from other open diagrams can be copied into the current diagram if they have the same units. This can be used for comparisons.

The diagram option allow to change the formatting of the diagram


Both the units and bounds for the axes can be set. Moreover, if any of the graphs is of no interest, it can be disabled with the checkboxes. The name, the color and line style of each curve can be changed too. The changes in diagram options are only used for the current diagram, they are not saved and not used for newly created graphic windows.