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MESYS Calculation Software

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Command line parameters

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The software supports several command line parameters:

-disableHighDPI disables scaling and tells the operating system to do the scaling. This is currently the default setting.

-enableHighDPI enables highDPI scaling by the software. This setting still has some problems but it might be useful on some systems.

-desktopOpenGL tells the software to use hardware OpenGL, which is the default.

-OpenGLES tells the software to translate OpenGL into DirectX. This can be used if the driver for the graphic card does not work correctly and hardware OpenGL does not work.

-softwareOpenGL tells the software to use a software driver for 3D-graphics. This can be used if the two settings above fail to work.

-ini=file.ini tells the software to use ‘file.ini’ for program settings.

-license=license.dat tells the software to use ‘license.dat’ as license file. This can be used it different license files are available.

-language=xx sets the language for the user interface. Valid options are EN, DE, FR, ES, KR, ZH, JP, TR.

-lock keeps the *.xml file, which is also defined on the command line, open until the program is closed. This can be used for calls from other programs, which check when the input file is released.

-generatereport=filename.pdf generates a report if a *.xml file is also passed on the command line. The program is closed afterwards.

If a *.xml filename is passed as a parameter, the file is opened by the software. This also allows to drop an input file on a program icon on the desktop.