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MESYS Calculation Software

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As database a SQLite database is used. In addition to the possibilities of the software also standard tools could be used to change the database. Please only add datasets with id > 100000 and don’t modify datasets with id < 0 since they are used internally. On future versions datasets with id< 100000 might be changed or added.

In the current version there are database tables for Bearings, Bearing Clearance, Bearing Tolerance, Material, Material Bearings and Lubrication. They can be added using the Menu ‘Database’ under ‘Extras’.


Data is written into the database only when clicking the Apply-button, changes can be removed by selecting ‘Reset’ before ‘Apply’ is clicked.

Rows can be added using the all_img70-button or a selected row can be deleted using the all_img87-button. By using the all_img89-button, additional items can be imported from a file. The columns in the file have to be in the same order and unit as shown in the table. Likewise, the table can be exported with the corresponding all_img90-button.