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Details for bearing clearance in case of elastic bearing rings

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The deformations of the selected face for a bearing contact is used as deformation for the bearing ring. To avoid double consideration of thermal expansions, the thermal expansion based on the nominal diameter is subtracted on the bearing deformation. For the thermal expansion the shaft/housing material and temperature defined in the bearing calculation is used.

The centrifugal expansion might be considered twice. Once in the deformation of the part, if activated there, and once in the operating clearance of the bearing, if fitting is considered. Use the contact model for bearing rings to avoid this or disable centrifugal expansion for the part.

If the bearing ring is considered as additional stiffness and no contact model is used, the thermal expansion coefficient of the part is used instead of the coefficient of the bearing ring. This is done to avoid additional deformations. The thermal expansion is subtracted from the bearing deformation. The contact model should be used to include fitting in the FEA model.

If the contact model is used the ring deformations considered in calculation of operating clearance in the bearing calculation are subtracted from the elastic deformation of the FEA-model. Therefore fitting is not considered twice. Centrifugal expansion should be activated on the 3D-elastic part if that would be relevant. In the case that the bearing has neither inner ring nor outer ring also the clearance changes calculated in the bearing calculation are subtracted from the FEA deformations to avoid double consideration.

The diagrams for deformations of the face always show the deformations of the part without these mentioned corrections. The deformations of the bearing rings will show a reduced value corrected by influence of temperature and fitting.

If temperature effects are considered it is recommended to consider the bearing ring contact for the 3D-elastic parts.