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MESYS Calculation Software

The context menu under “Shafts” or under groups allows to insert “3D elastic parts as shaft” or “3D elastic parts as housing”. A new part will then be shown in the shaft/group tree.

The 3D elastic parts combine the FEA beam model used for the usual shafts with 3D solid meshes. The stiffness of the 3D solids is reduced to a stiffness matrix, which is then considered in the solver for the beam model. On the first use of the 3D elastic part the reduced stiffness matrix is generated, which can take a while dependent on the size of the mesh. Afterwards the reduced stiffness is saved with the file and only needs to be regenerated in material, mesh or selections for faces are changed.

The 3D elastic parts are considered as stiffness and optionally by modal reduction. No mass is taken into account without modal reduction. Thermal expansion and weight are considered.

If the option “calculate displacements” for the 3D elastic parts is selected, the displacement field of the surface is calculated for each connected degree of freedom on initial calculation of reduced stiffness. This increases the initial calculation time and the file size, but allows to visualize the deformed shape afterwards. The same is valid for the option “calculate mode shapes”; this is used for visualization only, too.