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MESYS Calculation Software

Tapered roller bearings use a conical roller instead of a cylindrical roller. The input roller diameter is given for the middle of the roller and also the pitch diameter Dpw is defined for the middle of the rollers. The clearance is defined as axial clearance.


The contact angle should be the direction of the load. Therefore, the angle of the outer ring, the cup, has to be specified for the contact angle. The angles for the roller and the cone are then calculated so that all cones intersect on no load condition.

If the axial force is too small, a calculation error can occur since the bearing will fall apart. You have to enter an axial force large enough or to specify an axial displacement instead.

The direction of contact angle can be defined using the all_img3-button behind contact angle or bearing type.

The diameter of the shoulder of the inner ring can be defined. The force is assumed to be at the medium height of the shoulder.



The distance between center of bearing and center of roller ‘δCR’ can be defined in two different ways by using the all_img4-button. It can be converted either from the distance to the center of pressure ‘a’, or from the outer race small inside diameter ‘E’ by setting the corresponding flag. Note that defining ‘E’ will in turn modify ‘Dpw’ according to their geometric relations.