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MESYS Calculation Software

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MESYS Axial-Radial-Roller-Bearings

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The calculation software for axial-/radial-roller-bearings or three row slewing rings  (Version07/2023) is considering deformations of bearing rings using finite element analysis. The bearing geometry of axial symmetric rings can be defined by the user by a polygon in the cross section. An arbitrary number of axial or radial cylindrical roller bearings or cross roller bearings can be defined and the pretension of bolts is considered. Loads can be applied on a surface or on single points. For the definition of stiffness a calculation of a series with variation of load is possible.

As results the following data is available in several graphics and a PDF report:

The pressure distribution on the rollers

The bearing life for each row and the system according ISO/TS 16281

The deformation and the stiffness defined by two points

The maximal and minimal load on the bolts