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Four-point bearing considered as radial bearing

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This can be used for standard QJ bearings with 35° contact angle. Load capacity for a four-point bearing is calculated as a double row bearing, as usually done in bearing catalogues. The results are reported for both rows. In case of two contact points, there is one contact on the inner ring of one row and on the outer ring of the other row. All possible four contacts are considered in life calculation.

Using the all_img3-button behind the bearing type a “filling slot” can be defined and the method clearance is generated for the bearing. There are three ways to generate clearance in the software:

1.Centers of curvature are moved in axial direction. This leads to a decreased contact angle for radial load. It corresponds to a four-point considered as angular contact bearing.

2.Centers of curvature are moved in radial direction. This leads to an increased contact angle for axial load.

3.Centers of curvature are moved along the nominal contact angle.