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MESYS Calculation Software

Some standard values for track rollers can be calculated automatically using a pure radial load at axial position zero.

Because of elastic deformations of the outer ring, track rollers show a different load distribution than rigid bearings. This leads to a decrease of life which is taken into account be giving reduced effective load capacities in bearing catalogs.

The effective dynamic load capacity Cw is given in bearing catalogs for track rollers. There are two options to calculate this value. See option ‘Calculate Cw using L10r = 1’ below. Also for effective static load capacity, there are two options. See section ‘Calculation options for C0w and Cuw’ below.

The load capacities are calculated using a radial load on the angle of zero, so it is acting directly on a rolling element.

The static and dynamic permissible radial loads are the loads were the permissible bending stress is reached. See below. The permissible static and dynamic loads are calculated using a radial load which is acting between two rolling elements. This is the critical case.

If a bearing configuration is used, effective load capacities and permissible radial loads are calculated for the whole bearing.