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MESYS Calculation Software

As the dynamic load capacity is defined in (ISO 281, 2007), a radial bearing loaded with Fr = C should have a life L10 = 1 (One million load cycles). This definition is used for the definition of the effective dynamic load capacity if the option ‘Calculate Cw using L10r = 1’ is set. The software iterates for a radial load which leads to L10r = 1 and this is shown as effective dynamic load capacity Cw.

For bearings with a small number of rolling elements the life L10r = 1 is not reached for the rigid bearing loaded with Fr = C. The reason is that (ISO 281, 2007) assumes a load zone of 180° which cannot be reached if only six rolling elements are used for example. Therefore, a different definition for Cw is available if the option is not set. In this case, Cw is defined to the radial load which leads to the same life as a rigid bearing with Fr = C.

This option will only have an influence for a small number of rolling elements or bearings with clearance. If the option is not set, a load of Cw will lead to the same life for the elastic bearing as a load of C for the rigid bearing.