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MESYS Calculation Software

The data for the bolted joint can be defined on this page.


The bore for the bolts and the thread can be in the same part or in case of contact definitions in different parts. The depth of the bore is measured from the surface; the thread in the part is starting below.

If no counterbore exists, the diameter and the depth of the counterbore can be set to zero. The cylinder with the diameter of the counterbore may not intersect and edges of the part. If necessary, the diameter has to be reduced for the calculation.

The pretension is defined per bolt. All bolts have the same pretension. Either the effective pretension can be defined or a mounting torque and a subsidence value. According to VDI 2230, the subsidence value for surface roughness between 10 < Rz < 40 is 3μm for the head and the thread and 2μm for each layer. For most cases, it will be fz = 3+3+2 = 8μm.

The pitch of the thread is needed for the calculation of the core diameter of the bolt needed for its stiffness. Also, it is needed for the calculation of pretension force from mounting torque.

If the mounting torque is entered, the mean diameter of head support and the friction values for thread and head support are required.