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MESYS Calculation Software

The bearing tolerance can be considered according ISO 492 (P0…P2). After defining the tolerance class of the bearing, the following inputs allow the definition of fitting to the shaft and the housing.

In addition to tolerance classes some special inputs are available:

'Not considered': If selecting ‘Not considered’, the interference fit is not considered for operating clearance, in this case only temperature will affect the operating clearance, centrifugal forces are not considered.

'Nominal dimensions': If selecting ‘Nominal dimensions’, the tolerances of the bearing are considered zero. Then the interference fit can be defined with the inputs for the shaft and housing tolerances only.

'User input': This option allows to define a custom tolerance field for bearing inner and outer ring using the all_img3-button.

'Define interference': Selecting 'Define interference' allows to define the interference between shaft/inner ring and between housing/outer ring directly without using tolerances. Using the all_img4-button behind the inputs for interference a required interference for a given operating interference can be calculated. The rotation speed can be overwritten for this calculation.

'Define multi-layer interference': This option allows to define a multi-layer interference fit for both inner and outer ring. Using the all_img3-button, the layers can be defined. The diameters and materials for the interference fit are not coupled with the shaft calculation in this case.