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MESYS Calculation Software

Using the contact menu (right mouse button) a background graphic can be added to the 2D-graphic. Here a CAD-drawing can be set as background image if a PDF drawing is available only.

The background drawing is added using "Set from clipboard" after copying a section in the PDF drawing. Then with "Set origin" the location of the drawing is defined and with "Set horizontal scale" or "Set vertical scale" the scale factor is defined. The location on the drawing is the location where the right click is done. So first right click on the location of the origin and select "Set origin", then click on a point with a given vertical or horizontal distance and select the scale.

The background drawing can also be moved to the foreground using the contact menu or it can be rotated.

Then the shaft geometry can be adjusted to the drawing. Either by changing the geometry elements or by using the input as polyline. First define the inner geometry and then the outer geometry.