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MESYS Calculation Software


The pitch diameter Dpw is defined as intersection of contact angle α and axis of roller. Usual values for contact angle are 45° to 50°.

Radii of inner race and roller are defined by factors fi and fr like for the radial spherical roller bearings. They are defined as ri = fi*(2*re) and rr=fr*(2*re). Default values are fi = 0.5 and fr = 0.485. If the three radii ri, re, rr are entered using the all_img4-button behind fi, fr, the factors fi, fr and the pitch diameter Dpw are calculated.

The unsymmetry of the roller is defined by δL as offset between center of roller and position of maximum roller diameter Dw. A sizing button is available to calculate δL so that the contact point is at the center of the roller.

The load capacities are calculated using the roller diameter Dwe at the contact point. The contact stress on the roller is always shows from inner roller end to outer roller end, instead of left to right.