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Add bearings to database

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For adding bearings to the database please enter the geometry data into the calculation windows of the bearing calculation, run the calculation and then select ‘Extras->Database->Add bearing to database’. You will be prompted for bearing name, comment, manufacturer and a database mode.


If the combination of name and manufacturer is already found in the database you will be asked if the dataset should be overwritten.

The mode can be

“Default”: Default behavior

“Approximated”: A comment about approximated inner geometry will be shown in the report and damage frequencies will not be shown.

“Hide inner geometry”: Inner geometry will not be available in the report and in input data. This option is for additional encrypted databases.

In case of the shaft calculation the above dialog is shown if ‘Extras->Database->Add bearing to database’ is selected while the bearing window is active. Else the following dialog is shown:


A window with two tab-pages named “Bearing geometry” and “Material and Lubrication” is opened in the shaft calculation. These tab-pages operate in the same way as the ones in the bearing calculation interface.  The feature offers the possibility to create and add a new bearing from scratch by entering all the required data or by selecting and modifying an existing bearing of the database. In both cases, the user does not need to know the load capacity data in advance, since the software finds it out from the required geometrical inputs when pressing the button “Calculate” at the bottom. Once all the data is filled, the “Apply” button must be pressed and the user will be prompted to enter a name for the new bearing.