Calculation of tooth root stresses for spur gears

Tooth root stresses for external spur gears are calculated using plane-strain or plane-stress 2D FEA with a quad-dominant mesh and quadratic elements. As results the first principal stress and the equivalent stress is shown. For comparison with ISO 6336 calculations the first principal stress should be used.
These online calculations are provided free of charge by MESYS AG. The software is tested and no errors are known, but there is no warranty for the correctness of the results and for the availability of the calculations. The usage is at own risk.

Normal modulemnmm
Pressure angleαn°
Helix angleβ0°
Number of teethz
Face widthbmm
Profile shift coefficientx
Normal tooth thickness allowanceEsnmm
Addendum gear basic rackhaP
Addendum tool basic rackhaP0
Tip radius factor of toolρaP0
Contact diameterdCmm

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