Calculation of multi-layer interference fits

A multi-layered interference fit under optional internal and external pressure is calculated considering rotation speed and temperature.
These online calculations are provided free of charge by MESYS AG. The software is tested and no errors are known, but there is no warranty for the correctness of the results and for the availability of the calculations. The usage is at own risk.

Number of Layers
Inner diameterdimm
Internal pressurepiMPa
External pressurepeMPa
Rotation speednrpm

Youngs modulusEMPa
Poisson numberν-
Thermal elongation coefficientα10-6/K
Friction coefficientμ
Inner diameter changeΔd00μm
Outer diameter changeΔD00μm
Radial stress at inner diameterσri0MPa
Radial stress at outer diameterσre00MPa
Tangential stress at inner diameterσti0MPa
Tangential stress at outer diameterσte00MPa
Maximal axial forceFmax0N
Maximal torqueTmax0Nm