Calculation of a deep groove ball bearing

The pressure distribution and the reference life L10r of a deep groove ball bearing is calculated according to ISO/TS 16281. The loads are applied to the inner ring and the displacements are shown for the inner ring relative to the outer ring. A demo version for windows is available here.
These online calculations are provided free of charge by MESYS AG. The software is tested and no errors are known, but there is no warranty for the correctness of the results and for the availability of the calculations. The usage is at own risk.

Input of
Bearing inner diameterdmm
Bearing outer diameterDmm
Bearing widthBmm
Pitch diameterDpwmm
Roller diameterDwmm
Number of rolling elementsZ
Conformity inner racefi
Conformity outer racefe
Nominal diametral clearancePdmm
Dynamic load capacityCkN
Static load capacityC0kN
Axial forceFxkN
Radial force YFykN
Radial force ZFzkN
Enter moment or rotation
Moment YMyNm
Moment ZMzNm
Rotation around Yrymrad
Rotation around Zrzmrad

Number of rolling elementsZ7
Roller diameterDw 8.5000mm
Pitch diameterDpw 35.0000mm
Conformity inner racefi 0.5200
Conformity outer racefe 0.5200
Nominal diametral clearancePd 0.0000mm
Dynamic load capacityCr 13.1906kN
Static load capacityC0r 6.5437kN
Axial forceFx 1.0000kN
Radial force YFy 2.0000kN
Radial force ZFz 0.0000kN
Moment YMy 0.00Nm
Moment ZMz -9.65Nm
Displacement Xux 0.0961mm
Displacement Yuy 0.0121mm
Displacement Zuz -0.0000mm
Rotation around Yry 0.0000mrad
Rotation around Zrz 0.0000mrad
Basic reference rating lifeL10r 217.969510⁶
Maximal pressurepmax 2650.47MPa

Contact stress on inner and outer race

zy1000MPa2000MPa3000MPa1234567inner raceouter race