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MESYS Calculation Software

A table for bearings shows life and loading of bearings and supports. The sign convention for the loads is that the force from the shaft to the bearing is shown.

For rolling bearings the life and pressure is shown in addition to forces and moments. Using the right mouse button additional results like operating clearance or spin-to-roll ratio can be shown.


Available results are:

'L10h': nominal life according to ISO 281

'Lnmh': modified life according to ISO 281

'L10rh': nominal reference life according to ISO/TS 16281

'Lnmrh': modified reference life according to ISO/TS 16281

'pmax': maximum contact stress of the bearing

'SF': static safety factor

'pmin': minimum contact stress of the bearing. If larger zero all rolling elements are loaded.

'ω_spin/ω_roll': spin to roll ratio for ball bearings

'Δb_circ': circumferential ball advance for ball bearings

'ΔT': temperature increase according to DIN 732 for this bearing

'nt': maximum permissible speed according to DIN 732

'κ': viscosity ratio for this bearing. It should usually be between 1 and 4

'Pdeff': effective radial clearance of the bearing at operating conditions

'Paeff': effective axial clearance of the bearing at operating conditions

'α0eff': effective free contact angle for ball bearings

'Δα': variation of contact angle between inner and outer ring for ball bearings

'pFitShaft': pressure in interference fit between shaft and inner ring. This should be larger than zero usually.

'eLR_i, eLR_e': extension of contact ellipse for ball bearings. Values below 100% indicate truncation.

'Fx, Fy, Fz, Fr': bearing forces, Fr is radial force

'Mx, My, Mz, Mr': moments, Mr is tilting moment

'ux, uy, uz, ur': relative displacements of shaft node to second node (or housing), ur is radial displacement

'rx, ry, rz, rr': relative rotation of shaft node relative to second node (or housing), rr is resulting tilting angle