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MESYS Calculation Software

As for before at this section, common general data and settings for the whole gear system can be introduced, such as:

Normal module

Normal pressure angle

Helix angle

Basic rack addendum: haP is the coefficient to define the addendum of the standard basic rack tooth profile defined as addendum = haP * mn. This value is normally equal to 1, thus being the addendum = mn.

Required clearance: The required clearance is a restriction that sets a minimum permissible distance between the tooth tips of unconnected gears to prevent them from colliding with each other.

Distance gear 1 to gear 4: This distance is defined as the distance between the gear centers of the gear 1 and gear 4. Positive values will drag the center of gear 4 rightwards with respect to the center of gear 1.

Orientation: The orientation can be selected as ‘Right’ or ‘Left’, which will constrain the possible results to those configurations where the second gear is restricted to maintaining its position either on the left or the right side of the center line between the first and third gear, as shown below: