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MESYS Calculation Software

The surface hardness is given as Rockwell hardness HRC.  If the surface hardness is smaller than 58 HRC, a reduction in dynamic and static load capacity is taken into account according (Harris, et al., 2009). This reduction is only considered as long as the load capacity is calculated by the software. The reduction factor for dynamic load capacity is:

An input value for load capacity is not modified because of the hardness value. If a modification factor for dynamic load capacity or the permissible stress for static capacity is defined in material data, a reduction because of hardness is not considered.

The static safety factor is also affected by a reduced hardness. This is also done according (Harris, et al., 2009) using the factor fs:

(Ball bearings) or (roller bearings), with

For this formula, HV is calculated as HV = (223 * HRC + 14500) / (100 - HRC) according (Schlecht, 2010).