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MESYS Calculation Software

Shear deformation should normally be taken into account, since there are these deformations. For comparison with other calculations the shear deformations can be ignored. For nonlinear shaft model the shear deformations should be considered to improve convergence.

There are different options available. Either a fixed value can be entered. Usually 1/1.1 is used for cylinders. The options ‘according Cowper’ and ‘according Hutchinson’ are also considering an inner diameter for hollow shafts and the Poisson number of the material. Hutchinson considers higher order terms in his formula than Cowper according to (Hutchinson, January 2001) (Cowper., June 1966):

-Hutchinson (Circular Cross Section):


-Hutchinson (Hollow Circular Cross Section):


where all_img19 is the outer radius, all_img20 the inner radius and all_img21 the Poisson’s ratio.

-Cowper (Circular Cross Section):


-Cowper (Hollow Circular Cross Section):


where all_img24 is the ratio of inner to outer radius and all_img21 the Poisson’s ratio.