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MESYS Calculation Software

Some settings are available in the parameter variation:


Include parameter list in report: this adds the result table to the report. Dependent on the inputs it can get quite long.

Allow input and output values on both axes in graphics: This option allows to switch the axes in the result diagrams.

Add graphic 1 to graphics menu: The selections for Graphic 1 are used for a parametric diagram the the main graphics menu. This does only work if the data is based on table "Generate list"

Add graphics 1 to main report: This adds the graphic 1 to the main report. The graphic is not saved, but newly generated on each generated report

Graphic name and description: These are used for the custom diagrams in the graphics menu and the report.

Maximum number of threads: With the default setting of zero all available processor cores are used in the calculation. In case of very large models memory usage can be a problem, then a smaller number of threads can be defined here.