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MESYS Calculation Software

Using “Sections” several cross sections can be defined for the strength calculation. One type of section is “Documentation point” which can be used without the module for strength calculation. In this case just displacements and forces are documented in the report, no strength calculation according DIN 743 is performed.

Dependent on the selected type of cross section several inputs are necessary to define details of the notch effect. All types from (DIN 743-2, Dezember 2012) are supported.


The "Documentation point" has the setting "Calculate stiffness". If the option is activated the stiffness in 6 degrees of freedom for this point of the shaft is shown in the results overview and the report. The stiffness is the reciprocal of the main diagonal of the compliance matrix of the system stiffness reduced to this point. So it is for example cxx=dFx/dux for constant other forces and moment Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz.