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MESYS Calculation Software

Some bearings are not fully rotating but they are just oscillating. In this case, the effective number of load cycles is smaller than for a rotating bearing which can be considered by the software. The calculation is done according (Harris, et al., 2009) which is based on (Harris, et al., 2007).

An oscillating angle and an oscillating speed (oscillations per minute) have to be provided in this case. The oscillation angle is defined as the angle between the two end points of oscillation, so it is twice the amplitude.

The rotation speeds ni and ne are used for the calculation of centrifugal forces and lubrication film thickness, oscillation speed fosc is used for the calculation of life in h. For the speed used to calculate the lubrication factor (Houpert, 1999) proposes . The speed has to be entered by the user.

In case of Θosc< Θcrit/2 fretting corrosion can occur; the bearing should be rotated by a larger angle from time to time to redistribute the lubricant. A warning is shown in this case.