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MESYS Calculation Software

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MESYS Hertz Calculation

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The MESYS Hertz Calculation (Version 07/2023) calculates the Hertzian stresses and subsurface stresses for point or line contact.

The following results can be found in the report:

Major half axis of contact ellipsis a

Minor half axis of contact ellipsis b

Approach of both bodies

Contact stiffness R

Hertzian stress

Maximal shear stress

Maximal octahedral shear stress

Depth for max. shear stress

Depth for max. octahedral shear stress

Equivalent stress (Tresca)

Equivalent stress (Mises)

In addition to the report, the results are shown in several graphics. Report and user interface are both available in metric or US customary units. Supported languages for user interface and report are English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.