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MESYS Calculation Software

On the pages “Graphics1” and “Graphics2” the results can be shown as graphic.

If the parameter list was generated by “Generate list” and no more than two input parameters are used, lines are used for the diagram. For more parameters or other sources just points are shown.


In case only one input parameter is selected, the line charts of the chosen outputs can be overlapped so that the user can easily perform any comparisons. The graphic area consists of two different y-axis, thus being possible to compare different types of output results (units) at a time. Furthermore, although the basic life (L10rh) is being primarily analyzed in the graphic, by doing a click on the all_img3-button, it could also be possible to add any other analyzed outputs with the same units of one of the two available y-axis; like the ‘Lnmrh’ shown in the picture above.