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MESYS Calculation Software

Several input parameters can be added to the table “Generate list” and ranges (Start/End values) can be defined for them. In the bearing calculation dependent on the bearing type the calculation can take up to 0.1 sec for a single calculation, using load spectra and defining many steps can lead to long calculation times.


Additional rules can be used to set additional input parameters dependent on parameters on the first list. The additional parameter is interpolated between a start and end value based on another parameter. For example additional parameter y between y1 and y2 based on parameter x in range x1 to x2:

An example for using the rules can be to set the bearing clearances for multiple bearings to the same value within the shaft calculation.

Rules can also be defined using formulas based on the parameters in the first table:


The formulas can be defined using the all_img3-button on the right.