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MESYS Calculation Software

On the first input page in addition to a project name and description, several settings can be done.


Select "Consider load spectrum" if a calculation with load spectrum should be done.

Select "Use diametral pitch instead of module" if the diametral pitch should be an input.

The calculation of FEA based tooth root stresses can be activated. For helical gears it can be based on the normal section or on the virtual spur gear.

If "Continue on geometry errors" is set, the software will not stop on geometry errors. Some results might be invalid in this case.

The minimum tooth thickness factor is used for warnings in case of small top land.

The width to diameter ratio is used for sizings of the geometry.

For the strength calculation several options are available for the geometry to be considered within the tolerance field. ISO/TR 6336-30 tells it would use nominal dimension with minimal tooth thickness for factors YS/YF, but this does not fit to all examples in the report. In case of large tolerance fields either the average position in the tolerance field or the minimum tooth thickness should be used. The minimal tooth thickness will be the critical one for bending strength. For the contact ratio either the maximum or the minimum could be the critical one, dependent on the actual application.

The thermal expansion of the gears and the housing could be considered on the contact ratio.