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MESYS Calculation Software

General methods for all calculation modules are:

VARIANT_BOOL calculate();
Run calculation.

VARIANT_BOOL loadFile([in] BSTR p_filename);
Load file.

VARIANT_BOOL saveFile([in] BSTR p_filename);
Save calculation file.

VARIANT_BOOL generateReport([in] BSTR p_filename);
Generate a report into the filename.

VARIANT_BOOL showReport([in] BSTR p_filename);
Generate the report into the filename and call a program to view it.

VARIANT_BOOL generateSpecialReport([in] BSTR p_type, [in] BSTR p_filename);
Generate a special report into the filename. Use type as "resultTables" for result tables.

VARIANT_BOOL generateImage([in] BSTR p_imageID, [in] BSTR p_filename, [in] int p_dpi, [in] int p_widthinMM, [in] int p_heightinMM);
Generate an image and save it as file.

VARIANT_BOOL generateImage3D([in] BSTR p_imageID, [in] BSTR p_filename, [in] int p_dpi, [in] int p_widthinMM, [in] int p_heightinMM, [in] double p_dirX, [in] double p_dirY, [in] double p_dirZ, [in] double p_upX, [in] double p_upY, [in] double p_upZ);
Generate an image of a 3D-scene and save it as file. dir is a vector in view direction, up is a vector for the up-direction of the view.

SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) getDiagramData([in] BSTR p_imageID);
Get the diagram data for diagrams. The format of the return value is [["name", ["x", "abscissa label", "abscissa unit", [1, 2, 3, ...], ["y", "ordinate label", "ordinate unit", [1, 2, 3, ...]], ["name", ...]]

VARIANT_BOOL saveVariableList([in] BSTR p_path);
Save the list of available variables into an XLSX file. The available variables depend on the input data.

SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) getVariableList();
Get the available variables as list. The available variables depend on the input data. The format is [["name", "type", "unit", "description"], ...]

VARIANT_BOOL runParameterVariation([in] int p_index, [in] BSTR p_resultFilePath);
Call the parameter variation with defined input settings for given index and saves the result table

SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) runParameterVariation_1([in] int p_index);

Call the parameter variation with defined input settings for given index and returns the result table

VARIANT_BOOL setVarDouble([in] BSTR p_name, [in] double p_value);
Set variable to double value.

VARIANT_BOOL setVarBool([in] BSTR p_name, [in] VARIANT_BOOL p_value);
Set variable to boolean value.

VARIANT_BOOL setVarInt([in] BSTR p_name, [in] int p_value);
Set variable to integer value.

VARIANT_BOOL setVarString([in] BSTR p_name, [in] BSTR p_value);
Set variable to character value.

VARIANT_BOOL getVarDouble([in] BSTR p_name, [in,out] double *p_value);
Read back double variable.

VARIANT_BOOL getVarBool([in] BSTR p_name, [in,out] VARIANT_BOOL *p_value);
Read back boolean variable.

VARIANT_BOOL getVarInt([in] BSTR p_name, [in,out] int *p_value);
Read back integer variable.

VARIANT_BOOL getVarString([in] BSTR p_name, [in,out] BSTR *p_value);
Read back character variable.

VARIANT_BOOL setVar([in] BSTR p_name, [in] VARIANT p_value);
Set variable using variant

VARIANT getVar([in] BSTR p_name);
Get variable using variant

VARIANT_BOOL resizeArray([in] BSTR p_name, [in] int p_count);
Resize array variable



Each calculation module with GUI provides following methods:

void showWindow();
Show user interface.

void hideWindow();
Hide user interface.

void exec();
Show user interface and process events until the window is closed.

void setLanguage([in] BSTR p_lang);
Pass language as two characters ("de", "en", "fr", "es", "tr", "ko", "zh", "ja")

MesysModule* getCalcModule();
Get the calculation module from the user interface.

void setCalcModule(MesysModule*);
Set the calculation module for the user interface.



The names for variables of the calculation modules are the same as provided for the custom report templates. Currently the use for the shaft calculation is limited as additional functions for changing loads and supports are missing.