The version 04/2017 of MESYS Software is now available under Downloads. The main changes are:

  • Integration of the calculation for ball screws into the shaft calculation. This allows a combined calculation of shafts, bearings and ball screws
  • 3D-elastic housings can be considered for calculation of natural frequencies using modal reduction
  • 3D-elastic housings can be imported as Nastran mesh in addition to the previous STEP-Import
  • 3D-elastic planet carriers as parametric definition or STEP-Import
  • Import of existing shaft systems into a system
  • Several new nonlinear boundary conditions
  • User input of notch factors for strength calculation according to DIN 743
  • Updated interface to eAssistant gear calculations
  • Tool for calculation of multi-layer interference fits with consideration of temperatur and centrifugal forces
  • Export of animations as video using a third-party program
  • Import of tables in XLS or XLSX format in addition to CSV-format
  • Bearing database with catalog data from SKF is included in the installation, bearing databases including inner geometry are available from GMN and IBC on request
  • Axial and radial elastic expansion/compression can be considered for ball screws
  • Axial and radial thermal expansion is considered for ball screws
  • Lead error can be considered for ball screws

Integration of ball screws in the shaft calculation

Planet stage with elastic planet carrier

Planet carrier with deformations

Basic types of parametric planet carriers