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MESYS Calculation Software

Boresi, Arthur P. and Schmidt, Richard J. 2005. Advanced Mechanics of materials. s.l. : John Wiley&Sons, 2005.





Calculation for axial-radial-roller bearings

The software calculates the stiffness, the load distribution and the life of axial-radial-roller bearings. The geometry of parts is defined by horizontal and vertical lines; several parts can be defined. The parts can be connected axially or radially by bearings. A bolted joint and loads on surfaces or point loads can be considered.

The deformation of parts is calculated by a nonlinear FEA, while the coupling to the rollers is done analytically according ISO/TS 16281. Bolts are modeled using beam elements.

A first calculation step is done to evaluate the bolt pretension without further loads. Further calculation steps are then done with loading.